Video Stream Church Services to Members


NiConcepts has teamed up with Ebony News Today to help bring Black church Ministries to the fastest growing TV device audience to date.

ROKU leads the pack of in-home TV devices boasting 55 million monthly users and is most popular in the United States.

We publish your Ministry on Roku/Ebony News TV,
with streaming and archived playlists, categories and customized branding.

NiConcepts and Ebony News Today has partnered to work with churches to get their ministries online to reach those unable to attend services in-person.  Time is short for the current grant allocated specifically to Black churches so contact us, immediately to submit your application.

Video Stream Church Services to Members

Ebony News Today & NiConcepts is working to help Black churches reach their members via (Real-Time) live & pre-recorded video streams to spread the world via the Internet.

Contact us to discuss your objectives for your online ministry, today.

The deadline to submit your church letter of intent for consideration was September 2, 2022 but be aware… more grants will become available for submission so contact us if you need assistance completing your LOI at any time. Yyou can contact Ebony News Today (Benjamin Caine) or NiConcepts (Thounda Craig, Jr) and we will make every effort to respond, accordingly.

Get Your Black Church Online Ministry Funded Using a Grant

Helping Black Churches Video Stream Services

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